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Celebrating 30 Years on the Field 

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October 17, 1971 was the date we arrived in São Paulo-SP, Brazil. We have since lived/worked in the cities of Altinópolis, Orlândia, Serrana, Sinop, Sertãozinho, Pontal, São Sebastião do Paraíso, Monte Santo de Minas & Jacuí.

As co-laborers with both missionaries & national workers, we have turned over eight churches to national leadership. Over the years, several have changed pastors, one died, one disbanded & united with another of our churches & one is without a pastor. 

We are presently in one of our churches where the national pastor was asked to leave for behavior & activities un-becoming to a pastor.

Together with our missionary son & his family, we are busy "church planting" in S. S. do Paraíso & Jacuí. We also have two other ministries, a Bible Institute & Camp Hallelujah.

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