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BRAZIL: Experiencing the Enemy and God's Victory
An Article by TTU Student: Christy Widmer
As published in "The EVANGELIST" of the
Chattanooga, TN. Vol. 56, No. 9 Sept./Oct. 1999

Just one year ago, I could never have imagined what the Lord had in store for me. While studying at TTU as a missions major, I have been given so many opportunities to serve the Lord. I was able to take a 10-day mission trip to Jamaica in the spring of 1998 and then another ten-day trip to Eastern Europe in the spring of 1999. Finally, during this past summer, I did my overseas missions internship in Brazil for six weeks. God has used these trips to change my life and to shape me for the ministry in the future.

The main lesson God has taught me throughout all three trips is the power of prayer. Through two years of missions classes I learned a great amount of knowledge about things such as culture shock, raising support, and interpersonal conflict; however, I learned quickly on the field that applying this knowledge to daily life would be a constant challenge.

Satan began fighting me before I even left for Brazil. As a true test of my faith and prayer, I did not receive my full financial support until the day before I was to leave the U. S. Then, because of a miscommunication with my visa; my trip was delayed for one week. From the time I finally arrived in São Sebastião do Paraíso, (Minas Gerais) Brazil; Satan confronted me with every attack possible. Because of Catholicism and Spiritism, the city of São Sebastião do Paraíso is a stronghold of Satan. I have never seen darkness or people so blind and ignorant of the gospel. I believe in an effort to maintain control of the city, Satan was fighting us with everything he had. We faced sickness, church conflicts, and car problems, but through it all, God allowed me to take part in the battle on the front lines of their spiritual warfare. I witnessed firsthand what personal and intercessory prayer can do.

We saw about 12 people saved while I was there, and many new contacts were made. I was amazed as I watched the Lord use my testimony to encourage the people there. As they listened with eagerness to what God has done in my life, I saw hope and courage return to their eyes. Many lives were impacted, including mine. I found the supernatural strength that the Lord gives during testing and courage to be the only light in the darkness. Through prayer I watched as God provided my every need--financial, Physical, emotional, and spiritual. If you've never been on a mission trip, I would encourage you to trust God and step out in faith. Your life will never be the same. Now I can hardly wait to serve Him on the field in the future. I look forward to the ministry with a heart full of excitement and anticipation, for our God truly is faithful!

NOTE: Christy Widmer is a member of our home church (Victory BC Loganville, GA. Pastor Steve Sparks), along with her parents Doug & Wilma. She spent those six weeks with Missionaries James & Soraia Allen in the work founded by DR's Phillip & Charlotte Allen, who are on furlough until Jan. 2000.

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