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  The Allens
Macedonia World Baptist Missions, Inc. P. O. Box 519 Braselton, GA 30517

Drs Phillip & Charlotte Allen Missionaries Since January - 1969 (33 Years in Brazil)

560 John Deere Rd., N. W.     E-Mail: drphilliprallen@yahoo.com

Monroe, GA 30656-4769    Phone: Home (770) 267-6384

Cell (770) 823-9283

Serving the BRAZILIAN COMMUNITY of Atlanta, GA.,  Since June - 2004

     SEPTEMBER - 2007      

September 7th has special meaning for the Brazilians. It is their Independence Day, compared to our 4th of July! As a Brazilian Church we will help them celebrate this on

Sept. 3rd.  Labor Day. It will be our 3rd annual Brazilian PICNIC. This year our speaker will be Missionary to Brazil, Dr. Jim Rose (40 yrs in Brazil). Our Brazilians will be doing their traditional BBQ steak. If you would like to attend, call me at the phone numbers above for further details.

PIANO! You May not know that we were given a piano. Our men got together & went to North Georgia (Resaca) to pick it up & it is now installed in our church. A church in Charlotte, NC also gave us a piano that is being used by our granddaughter to practice on.

We are thankful to all who have helped in this way.

Our land fund in now over $21,000.00 for which we rejoice in the Lord! Keep on praying for this need. We continue to meet in an American Church in Alpharetta, GA. The Pastor there, Larry Sanders & his people have been very kind to us for which we are grateful.

Attention: If you have called me about the Brazilian Consulate coming to Atlanta, please call me again after Sept. 7th. Charlotte & I will meet the Brazilian Ambassador on this date & he is to inform us about the Atlanta Brazilian Consulate. In fact, he is the one indicated to head up this consulate. This is a real need, about to become a reality for our Brazilians, as well as Americans who travel to Brazil.

Portuguese Language Facts:

* Over 240 million people speak Portuguese as their native language.

* The Portuguese language is the 8th most spoken language in the world.

* There are 9 countries that have Portuguese as their official language along with several other countries that have Portuguese as their 2nd or 3rd language.

Pray for meetings Phillip will preach in 3 Brazilian churches in November, in New York, Danbury, CT & Boston. “Brethren pray for us”. Thank you.


Pray for us. Our sincere thanks for your faithfulness.

Your Servants After Souls For The Savior

Drs Phillip & Charlotte Allen
Missionaries to Brazil for 33 years


http://www.teammacedoniausa.org click on “Missionaries”

Igreja Batista Filadélfia - 3550 Spruell Circle - P. O. Box 4677 - Alpharetta, GA. 30023

E-Mail :igrejabatistaalpharetta@hotmail.com My phones: Res. (770) 267 6384

Cell: (770) 823-9283 Dr. Charlotte’s Cell: (770) 851-2648

“Your Servants After Souls For The Savior”

Serving With:
Macedonia World Baptist Missions, Inc.
P.O. Box 519
Braselton, Ga. 30517
Director Dr. Thurman Wade

P.O. Box 519
    Braselton, GA  30517, USA
   Dr. Thurman Wade,


Your missionary friends,

Drs. Phillip R. and Mrs. Allen








Last Updated: August 19, 2007


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